Special Executive Session Meeting
June 30, 2019

Members present:
Mike Bodine
Calvin Kelly
Michael Hinshaw
Seth Britt

1.0 Executive Session called to order at 7:00 p.m.
2.0 No motions, just discussions regarding the golf course issue. All of these discussions were very preliminary and without much detail, as we are just beginning the search for a solution.
3.0 Calvin relayed information regarding a meeting he had with the president of North and the golf course. He advised the golf course to come to the July 10 meeting with a detailed proposal. He also indicated that the board of North will put the proposal before their members for an up or down vote. The general feeling of our board is that we want to support the golf course in order to preserve our home values, but we want them to have a good, forward looking plan in place, and we have serious limitations as to what we can actually do.
4.0 Mike B talked about conversations with One Foxcliff regarding the golf course.
5.0 Mike H brought up the idea of adopting a defensive strategy of providing money to the golf course by purchasing sections of their property, but allowing them continued access for a nominal fee.
6.0 Seth provided a summary of our cash position. We might have extra in our road reserve funds, but those are tied up in laddered deposits. We do have some cash in other accounts.
7.0 Executive Session adjourned at 9:30p.m. (Motion Mike B, Seconded Mike H, unanimous vote in favor)