FESHA Board of Directors Meeting
Executive Session Meeting
June 12, 2019

Members present:
Mike Bodine
Calvin Kelly
Michael Hinshaw
Seth Britt
John Blickenstaff

1.0 Executive Session called to order at 9:18 p.m.
2.0 No motions, just discussions regarding various issues.
3.0 John provided some insight as to what is happening with the golf course and indicated that they will be having a members meeting in a few weeks to discuss the issue. We do not have firm details at this time.
4.0 Mike B talked about conversations with North regarding the golf course. He also mentioned issues with lot 507 and the Prosser lot.
5.0 Calvin provided initial information from the attorney about the limits FESHA faces in helping the golf course. He also related an incident he had with an angry parent after talking to kids driving a golf cart on the road.
6.0 Executive Session adjourned at 10:07p.m. (Motion Mike B, Seconded Mike H, unanimous vote in favor)